CAP Disseminated in Monterrey, Mexico

With funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an exploratory study was implemented in Monterrey, Mexico, aimed at exploring the feasibility of implementing the CAP model in a Mexican context. Specifically, in close collaboration with CIFAC, a leading NGO in Monterrey, 27 women survivors of IPV were exposed to the CAP intervention. An extensive training was offered by Dr. Elizabeth Aguilar (CIFAC Director) to seven advocates, who worked with women on various advocacy activities over a period of 3 months. Services provided to women  included support for legal proceedings, housing needs, job training, etc. Preliminary findings indicate high participant acceptability towards the CAP model, as well as improvements with regards to their IPV situation. Based on this success, the municipal government of Monterrey is exploring alternatives to permanently include CAP as a service model for IPV survivors.

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