A Program for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence


Thank you for your interest in The Community Advocacy Project, an evidence-based program designed to help women survivors of intimate partner abuse re-gain control of their lives. This project, which is strengths-based, survivor-driven, trauma-informed, and holistic, can be incorporated into many domestic violence programs fairly easily and inexpensively. It has been shown to decrease women’s risk of re-abuse, and to increase their quality of life, level of social support, and ability to obtain the community resources they need.

The intervention occurs in women’s home and communities, and is short-term (10 weeks) but intensive (4-6 hours a week). Trained advocates help women work on goals that they have decided are important to them, and the program has been successful with women leaving the relationship as well as staying in the relationship.

Within this site are:

  1. A history of the development of the Community Advocacy Project
  2. The philosophy of the project
  3. Evidence supporting its effectiveness
  4. How CAP has been modified for different populations and communities
  5. Information about how to become trained to offer CAP in your community

We hope this information is useful to you, and we welcome hearing from you!